Hold Fast (pt. 3) Why We Don't

We are reminded to hold fast to God and His promises throughout the Bible. When we are obedient to His commandments, He has promised faithful blessing. But when life doesn’t go exactly according to our plan, we doubt God’s goodness and end up running away from Him. We do the exact opposite of what we are called to do. With this third post I want to explore why. What is it about us that makes us disobedient and run from the only true source of joy, rest, and peace that there is? If we aren’t holding fast to God, what are we holding fast to? What is the remedy for what we hold fast to? We don’t hold fast to God because we don’t think we need to. We don’t hold fast to God because we are too busy holding fast to our integrity (Job 2:9), our righteousness (Job 27:6), our own evil intents (Psalm 64:5), and our deceit (Jeremiah 8:5). Basically, we get in the way of our holding fast to God when our pride tells us we don’t need Him. This typically happens when things are going well, when we are comfortable. We find it hard to hold fast in these times because we think we are in control and can handle things.

This selfish delusion distorts our view of our need for God. We forget that trials and suffering are part of living in a sin stained world with a sin stained heart. We forget of our need for a gracious Savior.

We need to be reminded to hold fast to God because when we hold fast to our own logic and expectations, we stumble. We fail to see that we aren’t in control and we are being disobedient to our Creator.

In the final post of this series, the focus will be determining how to hold fast.

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