My Take: Logos Bible Software

A little over a week ago, I was offered a free version of the "reformed" version of Logos Bible software. (It's good to know low people in high places ... follow the link, you'll see what I did there.) I've used it several times since getting it, and I have to say, it's really impressive. Here is what it looks like when it fires up: 


I've used it to make sure I'm following the flow of the passage I'm studying, and I understand what's being communicated (to the original readers as well as what it says to readers today). There are a bunch of ways I can see myself using this tool to help in prep for both teaching and preaching. It will help make those times more fruitful and productive (and who couldn't use more of both of those).

I only have one minor problem with this product; and I'm perfectly willing to admit it's probably my problem. I've crashed the program and had to "force quit" more times than not. It's probably my fault (not understanding how to use the program) or my computer's fault (not running smoothly enough to support the program). Either way, it's not enough to get me to stop to using the product. Maybe when I have more time or have access to one of our tech geeks, they can help me figure it out.

If you're a pastor and don't have any Bible software, I recommend Logos. It comes in a variety of theological traditions and can be expanded to meet your level of need.

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