Here's what I've been reading and benefitting from as I move around the web: Heidi Hensley had a great post over on D6 Family on leading kids to Christ. She writes, "With kids I often see a lack of understanding regarding the fact that there must be a time they decided to follow Jesus. Many kids think they were born this way, since they have Christian parents and are growing up in the church." This is a good read for both parents and children's ministry servants. It reminds us what's important.

Tim Challies had a needed (unfortunately) post on how to protect your family from porn. He says, "... there are two broad goals: To prevent those who want to find pornography and to protect those who do not want to find it but who may otherwise find themselves exposed to it, to confound those who want to see porn and to shield those who don’t." Parents this post is helpful, read it.

My pastor, Joe Thorn, had an awesome post over on the Christward Collective on the topic of the connection between ministry and theology (it's bigger than you think). He writes, "Over the years I have found that there are four basic questions that I have to answer when serving others; the bulk of theology falls into these categories: Who is God? What does he want from me? What is he doing/has he done? What is the point of all this?" Pastors, this is a reminder we all need to hear more often.

David Murray had a great post on his blog listing why men have trouble making friends. I don't want to take away from his list by quoting it, but if you're a guy, just go read it.

And finally, Ben Connelly had a great post over on Gospel Centered Discipleship entitled Mission in Everyday Life. He says, "... Jesus integrated people, life, ministry, and mission. He redeemed the everyday, normal moments of His life and used them for God’s mission. As we try to do the same, we can likewise redeem everyday moments and integrate mission into our ordinary lives." Good stuff that fights against compartmentalization. What are you reading that I'm not? Leave a comment for me to check out.

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