The 3 Ways the Gospel Converts Us

As I continue to read through Jonathan Dodson's book Gospel-Centered Discipleship, the reality of chapter 6 "Communal Discipleship: The Three Conversions" is sticking to my heart, mind, and soul with the strength of gorilla glue. Here is what it says:

"... the gospel converts disciples three times, not just once - converting us to Christ, to the church, and to mission ... Without all three conversions, a disciple is incomplete." (pg. 105)

"... not three options, but three essentials that constitute discipleship." (pg. 108)

"To reject our conversion to the church is to disobey the Head and distort His body." (pg. 109)

"True community is a steady state of social, gospel, and missional communities, which results in connecting over meals, in social settings, and on mission." (pg. 112)

"When we are not gospel centered, we will veer off into comfortable individualism and abandon the mission ... Community and mission are second to Jesus's glory, but Jesus pursues his glory through community and mission." (pg. 116)

(All quotes taken from Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson ©2012 by Crossway)

All three conversions are necessary. Without all three, we either aren't loving like we should, or we aren't serving like we should. At best, this is because we aren't maturing as we should; at worst, we may not even be converted in the first place.

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