Tweets of the Week 4.16.14

... and here we go ...

Forgiveness does not remove all the consequences of wrong behavior.

Don't just pray for peace in the storm, pray for more of Jesus. He IS peace. Get closer to Jesus and you get closer to peace. #surrender

Jesus engaged the personal and interpersonal spiritual disciplines. Never think we are exempt from either.

The most repentant person is usually the most joyful person.

If you're overextended and overcommitted it's probably because you're undernourished and underwhelmed by Christ.

There is a big difference between critical thinking & a critical heart. The former is wise. The latter is divisive.

Grace greets weakness with divine strength. It greets foolishness with the One who is wisdom.

Web Slinging 4.17.14

Best Things I Heard at CBMW 2014