Marriage, Warp Cores and Jesus

You don't have to know me well to know that I am a HUGE  fan of most things sci-fi. Which puts Star Trek near the top of that list. So when Winston T. Smith, in his book Marriage Matters (get it here) brings up Star Trek, my interest is immediately peaked. He's making a case for honesty in relationships, marriage specifically, and how our fickle heart often messes it up. Here is what he says:

In a sense, we all live in regular danger of a spiritual warp core breach. The "matter" of being the image of God is always in danger of coming into conscious contact with the "antimatter" of our sinfulness, the fact that we'd rather be God than love God. (pg. 100)

In Jesus, the two things that must never touch - the matter and antimatter of holiness and sin - touched. But there was no explosion. We weren't destroyed. In a shocking turn of events, God's holiness swallowed up and destroyed sin, not us, so that we could live once more with him in peace and intimacy. (pg. 101)

Quotes taken from Marriage Matters by Winston T. Smith @2010 by New Growth Press.

This helps my geeky, sci-fi brain work through the work of Christ, my own sinfulness, and the need for honesty in relationships.

Does this help you? Leave a comment to let me know ... either way.

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