Gospel Motivations

In his book Gospel-Centered Discipleship, Jonathan Dodson lists 3 motivations that are needed in order to be a true disciple of Jesus whose mission it is to make other disciples.

Religious Affection

Dodson defines it this way:

... affection for Christ that results in obedience to Christ. To say it another way, religious affection is gospel generated delight in God. This delight compels us to follow Jesus, not because we have to, but because we get to. (pg. 76)

Warnings and Promises

Dodson goes on to define this category in these ways:

To be a disciple of Jesus is to fight sin with sober belief in God's warnings and abounding delight in his promises. (pg. 82)

God motivates our discipleship with both his unblushing promises of reward as well as his sobering warnings of judgement. (pg. 82-83)


Dodson defines this last motivation this way:

We turn from trust in little gods to trust in the one true God. It is turning from belief in a false promise in order to turn in faith to a true, satisfying promise. Repentance is an exchange of joys, the lesser for the greater. (pg. 84)

(all quotes taken from Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson ©2012 by Crossway) Get it here.

That's a pretty good list. Which is your biggest struggle? Is anything missing? What would you add? Are there any you would change or get rid of? Leave a comment and lets discuss it.

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