Tweet of the Week 3.19.14

Yeah, I know. I'm a day late with these. Had an opportunity to see a friend who was in town yesterday and took it. But enough with the excuses, here's what caught my attention from the last week via Twitter:

Discipleship does not happen primarily in the big room facing forward. Move from proximity to community. #SundayReminder

It's true, God doesn't need our good works, but he commands them, desires them, is pleased by them, and created us for them.

When we wait, God is at work. His delays are not denials.

Our lives should point people to the grace of God, not keep them from it.

All parents must remember this critical point. If we don’t spend time preparing, we will most assuredly spend time repairing.

Take the world's best leadership books, distill all their key truths, what do you have? The book of Proverbs.

2nd most important thing in life: What you think about God. Most important: What God thinks about you.

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