Jesus & Facing Problems in Marriage

While reading Marriage Matters by Winston T. Smith I came across this paragraph:

When a person has one solution to every problem, we're tempted to write him or her off as simplistic or shallow. We aren't interested in pat answers. But knowing Jesus and understanding that he's your Savior and the solution to life's problems doesn't make working through life's problems easy. As we grow in understanding his rich and varied love and wisdom, you'll know that there's nothing simplistic about this answer. As we grow in different areas of marriage and how we're to follow him, you'll see the richness and power of Jesus and his love. (pg. 69, emphasis added)

(Quote taken from Marriage Matters by Winston T. Smith ©2010 by New Growth Press) Get it here.

The only way to see Jesus as He truly is, is to continue to grow in Him. We need Him every day. We need more of Him everyday; especially in our marriages.

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