Web Slinging 3.6.14

Here's what I've been reading on the web lately. Ben Trueblood wrote a post on leadership accountability. He says, "If you need to correct the course of a leader or help them understand they need to improve in an area, the conversation happens more smoothly in the context of a relationship." While this is written for youth ministry specifically, it's helpful for any ministry. These types of situations come up, frequently.

The Resurgence had a great post on dangers of family devotions. Author Jessica Thompson says, "Want to make absolutely sure that your kids loathe family devotions? Here are ten easy ways to make sure they associate family worship with legalism, boredom, and drudgery." Parents, this is a needed warning.

Alvin Reid wrote a post for Gospel-Centered Discipleship on keeping Christ central at home. He says, "Nothing matters more to Christian parents than that their children become passionate followers of Christ. Yet, we hardly ever talk about that in the church." This is another good reminder for parents.

What have you been reading? Leave a comment for me to check out.

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