Web Slinging 2.27.14

Here's what I've been reading as I've been slinging (a Spider-Man© reference ... for those who don't know) around the web. Pastor and friend Ryan Huguley had a fantastic post on prayer. He says, "Prayer is arguably the most important practice in the Christian life, yet often the most neglected." This is a great post with practical advice on 5 of the common reasons for struggle in this area.

Pastor Scotty Smith had a great post about the discipleship of our kids. It reads, "The potential danger in this kind of thinking is obvious. If we talk to our children about spiritual things only during our nightly routines or on Sundays after church, we're gradually teaching them to isolate their faith to a few small sections of the day and week." Parents, take warning of the danger seriously.

Mathew Sims had a great post on the same topic; family discipleship. He says, "The biggest struggle in our marriage was discipleship. ... Add kids into the mix and the question seems more complicated, right?" This is both personal and practical. It's also very helpful.

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