Web Slinging 2.20.14

Here's what I've been reading on the internet lately: Connected Families had a great post on teaching kids to wait.  It reads, "Instant gratification has become a hallmark of our culture. Two-thirds of parents believe they have not succeeded in teaching their kids self-control and self-discipline – that is, the ability to wait, to think before acting and to understand potential consequences of their actions."  It gives practical help for both younger as well as older kids.

Pastor, author, and friend Chris Brauns gives parents a helping hand by collecting and linking to some of his favorite posts on the topic of parenting. While I haven't been through it all, I trust the source.

J.D. Greear had a great post on the value of and how to write a "Family Mission Statement".  He says, "... a family mission statement can be a tool to help your children remember and reflect on the core values and goals you’ve established as a family."

J.A. Medders had a post up on Gospel Centered Discipleship on ways to kill community.  He writes, "A gospel-centered life will always involve the company of the gospel, the redeemed saints of God. A life that is worthy of the gospel will bob in the wake of a gospel community."

What have you been reading and I've been missing?  Leave a comment for me to check out.

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