Soul Care (pt. 5) Tricky Situations

After defining soul care (pt. 1 - here), looking at its requirements (pt. 2 - here), practically applying it (pt. 3 - here) and figuring out what to do when we are in over our heads (pt. 4 - here); it's now time to look at some of the tricky situations we inevitably find ourselves facing. When do we have to take special care in the way we care for the souls of others? How do we care for the soul of someone of the opposite sex? What about the soul of a student? Should those situations be any different? How does the concept of "community" play into this? When we get into these situations, there are a couple choices: partnership and/or redirection.


If you're married, and you're meeting with someone of the opposite sex, you have a partner.  If they aren't available, what about another elder or leader?  The biggest reason to have a partner is for everyone's protection, yours and those you are meeting with. This keeps the meeting on task and above reproach.


Whether a student or someone of the opposite sex, it might be appropriate to redirect them to their parents or spouse.  This doesn't mean you don't care or can't help, but it helps everyone involved realize the resources they have around them. You can always walk along side them through this process as well.

What are the other tricky situations we could find ourselves in? How do we handle them?  Leave a comment so we can continue the conversation.

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