Tweets of the Week 2.11.14

Here are the tweets from last week that made me stop and think.

Sin darkens. Sin distorts. Sin deceives. Sin derails. Sin deafens. Sin deadens. Sin damns. Jesus redeems.

Boasting IN our weakness and boasting ABOUT our weakness aren't the same thing. One leads to Jesus, the other to excuses

If our self-control is accompanied by self-righteousness it is because our spirituality is based on self-sufficiency.

Duty and delight aren't contradictory motivations in sanctification, they're complementary. The Holy Spirit makes all our duties delightful.

Deep #friendships are not built quickly. Being #present in the life of a person for years will bring depth and trust.

Parents, if we don't teach our children to serve, who will?

Pastors, the biggest problem in our ministry is ... us. Thankfully, his mercies every day outpace our sins.

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