Here's what I've been reading this week online and benefiting from: Eric Geiger had a great post on the connection between growth and community.  He says, "God brings about transformation as godly leaders apply the truth to our hearts while we are in a teachable posture."

Mark Driscoll had a post on the Resurgence blog on characteristics of good Bible teachers. It reads, "There are many good Bible teachers out there, and we need many more."

The Counsel on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood had a post on the importance of dads and husband must repent.  It says, "Repentance is not easy."  Men, we need to this and it needs to be true of us.

Chris Crane had a post on Gospel Centered Discipleship on tips for shepherding small groups.  If you are group leader this post is for you.

Hope these help you.  What are you reading that I should be?  Leave a comment.

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