Marks of Heavenly Fire

I'm reading through The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes.  In it, he has a list of marks that show God's active presence in one's life.  (This is my paraphrase, given for ease of reading) 1. God's spark in the eye of the soul proportionable to truths revealed to him.

2. This spark produces the heat of love in the affections.

3. This spark enables us to keep Christ's Word.

4. This spark makes us humble and able to see the work of the Spirit in another.

5. This spark turns to fire and helps us delight in seeing anything amiss and is willing to reform it.

6. This fire is always active.

7. This fire soon makes the heart pliable.

8. This fire of grace sets other things on fire,  leaving gracious impressions.

9. The sparks of this fire fly upward towards heaven where we see holy and heavenly aims.

10. This fire burns hot and burns away anything contrary to itself.

Taken from the chapter entitled Marks of the Smoking Flax from The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes (e-book edition) (copyright information not present)

Do you see these things growing in you?

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