Here are the blog posts I've found helpful and encouraging this past week.  My hope in sharing is that they bless you where you are at. Tim Challies had a great post about the enemies of marriage.  He says, "Marriage is under attack. Marriage has always been under attack. The world, the flesh and the devil are all adamantly opposed to marriage, and especially to marriages that are distinctly Christian."  If you are married, soon will be, or want to be some day check out this post.

Ryan Huguley has a post on listening.  He reminds his readers, " Good listening is also marked by striving to understand what someone means in what they’re saying. "  Pastors and parents alike need to read this.

KidzMatter had a post on teaching (or not teaching) kids about contentment.  It reads, "Our kids will learn more from what they see us do then what they hear us say."  Parents, this is helpful only if you read it.

Barnabas Piper had a post on what good writing looks like.  He says, "This book isn’t very good. That one is. But what is this “good”?"  If you desire to improve your writing, check it out.  It's helpful ... and ... good. (See what I did there?)

The Resurgence had a great post on how to measure discipleship.  It says, "How can leaders tell if they are making mature disciples? Paul gives us three places to look: the heart, the head, and the hands of disciples." Click the link and find out how.

What are you reading that I'm not?  Leave a comment for me to check out!

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