3 Tasks of Parenting

I'm continuing to read the JBC (Journal of Biblical Counseling) "Must Reads."  The one I've chosen next is "On Parenting." Here's what I've been challenged with recently.

One of the most important tasks as a parent is to give your teens this big picture of the glory of God. (pg. 28)

Part of our calling every day is to hole out for our teens the delights that they were made for - the delights of knowing God. (pg. 28)

Part of our task is to help our teens understand that the pleasures of sin are fleeting.  Solid joys and lasting pleasures belong to the people of God. (pg. 33)

Yes, I understand that this was written for parents of teens.  I would disagree that what is being shared can't be done with younger kids.  I would argue that children are never too young to start learning these big, sometimes tough, concepts; and it may be a huge benefit.

You can get the "Must Reads" here.

(All quotes above were taken from the chapter Dazzle Your Teen by Tedd Tripp from JBC Must Reads On Parenting ©2013 by CCEF)

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