Here's what most caught my attention from last week around the web: The Gospel Coalition had a great post on the new year and children.  Here's a quote, "While everyone else makes plans and sets goals for all that they will do this year, let's consider specific ways we can point our children to their Savior."  This is a GREAT reminder for parents as well as children's and youth ministry workers.

Jen Thorn had a great post on her blog about spiritual boredom.  She says, "We are plagued with an unstable heart that easily wanders, easily forgets, easily becomes discouraged or fearful, a heart that is easily bored and quickly cools off."  The remedies she shares are spot on and what I need to hear ... often.

Gospel Centered Discipleship had a great post on characteristics of sanctification. It reads, "Gospel-centered sanctification tethers becoming (growing) to being (identity) by making Christ’s accomplishments and provision for us the catalyst of our lives."  It's well worth your time.

J.A. Medders had a post on his blog on how we grow in love of the Bible.  He says, "We have a weak love for the Word."  He then goes on to offer practical advice.

Over on Orange Parents, Carey Nieuwhof had a post on fighting entitlement in kids.  He says, "For whatever reason, we’re living in the midst of an entitlement epidemic. Probably more than any other generation before us, our generation feels as though we have a right to things that used to be defined as wants, or even privileges."  His suggestions are extremely helpful making this a must read for parents.

What are you reading that I'm not?  Leave a comment and I'll check it out!


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