Here's what I've been reading on the web lately: The Counsel on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood had a post by Greg Gibson on resolved manhood.  Guys, you need to read this and consider it.  Here's why, "This is simply a bare-bones, man-up plea to pursue Jesus with a furious, war-like training that is equal to a fighter training to step into the Octagon or a warrior training to sprint into war."

Andy Johnson had a post on his blog about the importance of leading kids away from self.  Here's a quote, "Leaving a legacy has to be thoroughly gospel-centered or it fails to actually be a biblical legacy."  Check it out.

Dale Hudson reminds all leaders on his blog the things to do in order to succeed.  He starts by saying, "2014 can be your best your ever in Children's Ministry.  Do these 10 things and you'll have a banner year."

Let's make 2014 a great and growing year!

12 Marks of Maturity

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