Tweets of the Week 12.31.13

The last one of the year, enjoy.

Brokenness isn't broken-down-ness; any more than humility is humiliation. Grace is about freedom from shame, not more of it

It's easy to want God's will if it's what we want; it's all the other times that we grow.

Don't long for notoriety, ministry achievement, and the dangers that power brings. Be faithful. Make disciples.

Preach the gospel and sin will come out. Preach sin and the gospel won't get in.

One of the great deficiencies in the church and in our culture is the inability to learn from those we differ with.

Preacher, you are not merely preparing a message for Sunday. You must be preparing your heart to preach that message.

Two deadly errors: The pursuit of theology as an end in itself and the pursuit of God apart from studying theology.

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