This is a NEEDED word for all parents (as well as children's and youth pastors and anyone who works with students).  Stop trying to do more than you are capable of and turn to the One who is more than capable.

Cultivating a heart for God in teenagers is the hardest work a human being could ever do.  We must realize that there is no hope apart from Christ.  If I could turn the human heart by the force of my voice, the strength of my personality, the logic of my argument, or the wisdom of my parenting, then Jesus would never have needed to come.  As a parent, I've hit something that I can't do myself.  It makes me angry.  It frustrates me.  It discourages me.  I want an "instant fix."  Just give me three steps to producing godliness in kids.  But the Bible doesn't do that.  It doesn't give us a system of redemption; it gives us a Redeemer.

Parents must accept their helplessness.  Then they'll quit trying to be God and start being His instrument.

Taken from page 14 of JBC Must Reads On Parenting. This chapter was written by Paul David Tripp ©2013 by CCEF

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