Here is the last one of the year. Andy Johnson wrote a post on his blog recently about questions to ask to evaluate your child's salvation.  Here's a quote, "Your frame of reference for leading in family worship, discipline, and giving of wisdom are all directed by whether you view your child as a true disciple of Christ or one who has not received Him yet as their Savior."  It's a good list, worth your time. (HT - Timothy Jones)

Joshua Cruchfield had a great post on the CBMW blog on how to lead the family spiritually.  He says (it's quite a zinger), "Parents are making disciples of their kids every day, it’s just a matter of what kind of disciples they are making."  It's a great reminder of doing what's important.

Paul Tripp pulled together the his best parenting posts from his blog.  Just go read them all ... over and over, trust me.


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