Here are the tweets that caught my attention last week:

We'll never regret being a little more generous, never. With stuff, money, forgiveness, tears, patience, time...

If your marriage has a nuclear option, you are already in a Cold War

There r higher & lower needs of caloric intake, yet we all need food. There r higher & lower needs of friendship, yet we all need friends.

Self-deprecating shame is birthed by pride. Life-fueling repentance is birthed by God's guilt-liberating grace. Confusing the two is deadly.

If God is calling you to big vision,don't let fear & obstacles guide your faith. Let the massivity & brevity of His Omnipotence be your gaze

The greatest hope for the local church lies in raising Godly kids! #kidmin #Family #FamMin

The best leaders are the greatest servants

How to Deal with Anger ... Constructively

How We Serve God