Book Review: Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord by Dave Stone

There are several reasons I picked up this book at the D6 conference this past fall.  First, the author was one of the speakers and he left me wanting more.  Secondly, the topic of this particular book hit close to my heart's desire.  And finally, I have to confess, I picked it up because it was small and short, making it an easy read.


The author starts out reminding the reader that in order to see our kids love the Lord, it will take intentional effort (chapter 1).  He moves on from there to communicate that character counts (chapter 2).  Our kid's spiritual life will have many of the characteristics of those who are leading them,  both good or bad.  Pastor Dave then moves into the importance of prayer throughout this process (chapter 3).  Prayer has an effect on those being prayed for as well as the one doing the praying.  From there he moves onto the importance of knowing Scripture; not just memorizing it, but having a personal, growing relationship with the One who wrote it (chapter 4).  The author then explains the child's need for consistency (chapter 5).  The next two chapters are specifically for the parents; the importance of Mom's role (chapter 6) and the leadership role of Dads (chapter 7).  The author then explains that parents need to get help from spiritual role models (chapter 8).  The next chapter (9) lists characteristics that need to be modeled and lived out by parents and spiritual role models.  These characteristics reflect the image of the Father. The final chapter (10) reminds the reader what's important, the heart; the heart of the parents, the heart of the child, and the heart of God.

Favorite Quotes

Want to transfer your faith into your kids' lives?  Then live it.  Do it.  Obey it. (pg. 59)

God specializes in helping mommies and daddies slow down, be real, and live out the truth of His Word in front of their children.  God's goal is the same as yours - to help your family become the family that He wants you to be.  Not a pretend family, not a perfect family - but a family whose kids grow up to love the Lord. (pg. 141)

All quotes taken from Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord by Dave Stone ©2012 by Thomas Nelson


I HIGHLY recommend this book to parents.  It reminds you what's important and what's at stake.

I recommend this book to those who work with kids as well.  It will help you serve both parents and their kids better.

I recommend this book to church members who are serious about partnering with parents and walking along side them in the spiritual upbringing of their kids.  You can be such an encouragement to parents who are struggling.

Get this book.  It's short.  It's practical.  It will remind you of what's important.

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