Tweets of the Week 12.3.13

Here are the latest and greatest tweets that caught my attention.  WARNING (of sorts): It's kind of a "holiday" edition.

You honor God when you ask of Him the impossible! Impossible is what the God of Christmas does best! #joytoyourworld

Christmas exists because sin exists.

Noah got drunk, Jacob lied, Moses murdered, Rahab was a prostitute, David had an affair. God still used them… What's your excuse?

If you are not thankful for the small things it is unlikely you will be thankful for the big things.

Thanksgiving advice = Travel safely, love deeply, serve gladly, repent quickly, laugh loudly, encourage muchly, eat thankfully

It's entitlement that fuels complaint. When you think you deserve what you don't deserve you focus on needs unmet rather than grace given.

Book Review: Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord by Dave Stone

Tweets of the Week 11.26.13