Here's what I've been reading from around the web: Greg Baird had a post on his site Kidmin360 that hit right where I'm at with family ministry.  He says, "Children’s Ministry IS Family Ministry and Family Ministry IS Children’s Ministry!"

Jim Wideman had a great post listing 12 things that can be done to lead others better.  I'd quote him, but that would be giving too much away.  He lets his title do all the introduction and jumps right into his content. #'s 4, 7, 8, 11, & 12 are one I need to work on ... along with the rest of them.

Michael Bayne had a great post on his site about moves to make when you've made a mistake.  Here's a quote, "How we handle the mistake is so much more important than the mistake itself."  Good advice for someone who is constantly making them.

Craig Jutila had an awesome reminder for leaders about being stuck.  He says, "God perceives being stuck as a process in growth not a point in time."  Another encouraging read.

Kenny Conley wrote a post on a mistake to avoid.  Here's a quote, "One of the biggest mistakes ministry leaders often make is to not take the time to learn from others."  Read the rest of the post, because his explanation is different from what you'd expect.

Hope these help you as much as they did me.  If you're reading something I'm not, please leave a comment.

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