Here are the blog posts that I've been reading this week. Ministry Grid (looks like an excellent tool by the way) had a post about what parents should be praying for, for their children.  It has video content as well as a the list.  I don't what to give too much away, go check it out.

Joey Cochran had a great post about been an intentional parent.  He writes, "Let’s not squelch our children’s joy in taking pleasure in God’s creation. Let’s also not miss the opportunity to point them to how God provided all the means for this joy." A good read and reminder for all parents.

Timothy Paul Jones had a great post entitled "The Grover Principle".  He says, "It’s not just about reaching those that are near, and it’s not all about reaching those that are far. It’s about both. Family-equipping begins with those that are near—our own families and the families in our churches—but then it moves immediately to those who are far. A passion to reach those who are far is good, but that passion does not give us permission to abandon or ignore those who are near."

Tim Elmore had a great post about how to correct kids when they go astray.  Here's a quote, "So, what do we do if we’re leading a kid well, but they’re not responding? First and foremost, don’t beat yourself up. The primary adults in the student’s life play a large role, but as we just noted, there are other factors. Next, check on the variables that are within your influence." He goes on to give 3 really good corrections.

What have you seen around the web that I've missed?  Leave a comment and I'll check it out!

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