Web Slinging 10.31.13

Happy Halloween! Here's what I've been reading from around the web:

The Gospel Coalition had a great post about gospel parenting.  He's a quote, "Our kids are sinners; yours are, too. This fact may seem so elementary to mature Christian ears that we rush past it in our hunt for more useful bits of parenting advice to help us along the way."  Good read.  I've made and/or heard some of the statements the article says to avoid.

Ben Trueblood, writing for the Ministry Grid blog had a post reminding children's and youth ministries to disciple parents, not just students.  Here is what he said, "Parents don’t need another parenting lesson; they need to develop a heart that loves Jesus." Follow the link to find out how to do that.

My friend Dave Jenkins wrote a post on battling discouragement and depression.  Here's part of his summary, "Whether you struggle with discouragement or depression just a little bit or a lot, please don’t suffer in silence. There is hope and healing in Jesus, a Redeemer who is not far from you but near to you."  This is a good read for all, but especially those who struggle in this way.

Carey Nieuwhof had a great post on his blog about leading when you're over your head.  Here is what he had to say, "Almost anyone who has ever led anything significant has felt like they’re in over their head at one point or another." Great read, very practical and helpful.

Hope you find these as helpful as I have.  See you next week!


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