Here's what I've been reading around the web lately. Tim Elmore had a great post over on Growing Leaders about how to pass character to kids.  Here's a quote, " ... values and character are passed down to the next generation by example." It's worth your time to read and reflect on.

Timothy Paul Jones had a great post on his blog about the problem with over-crowded church calendars.  He says, "If your church is planning for parents to disciple children, your ministry may need to do less so that parents have time to do more."

Michael Bayne had a great post on the Kidzmatter blog about failure being a good thing.  Here's a quote, "... allow failure to reveal when we need to work on as a ministry."  He then goes on to explain why and how, good stuff.

Jim Wideman had a post on his blog about what a discipled kid looks like.  I have to admit, I had to read this one a couple times to get what he was talking about.  He basically boils it down to being, "obedient." (Which he goes on to explain.)

Tim Challies had a great post on his blog about things not to regret doing with kids.  He starts out by saying, "Like most parents, I have those moments where guilt and regret comes over me like a wave."  Worth reading ... over and over again.

Tweets of the Week 10.29.13

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