Best Things Heard at D6

Here are my personal favorites from the D6 main sessions: Darrin Patrick - Spiritual fruit leads to spiritual maturity leading to spiritual manhood.

Tim Kimmel - There is a vast difference between people who do great things and those who live great lives.

James Dobson - Take time to pray with and for your kids.

Mark Holmen - What will impress your children? Who and what you love.

Mike Trimble - I don't want to raise good kids, I want to raise godly kids.

Tommy Sanders - The only way children understand the sacrifice of God, is when parents sacrifice for God.

Rodney Cox - Our job is to understand the God given bent of our kids and lead them from there.

Leneita Fix - A changed parent leads to being a changed neighbor, which leads to a changed neighborhood,  which leads to a changed city.

Megan Lacefield - Leading the next generation is not about leaders but families.

Ed Stetzer - What are the biggest indicators in a young persons decision to stay in church: 1) Guidance with everyday decisions 2) Parents being married and attending church 3) Pastor's message is relevant 4) Other adults willing to invest in their lives.

Todd Wagner - Church attenders don't change anything, disciples do.

Les & Leslie Parrott - Why do couples fight? Perceptions.  One either feels threatened (critical, judgmental, controlling, demanding, attacking) or neglected (uncaring, uncommitted, neglected, selfish, disengaged) by the other.

Rob Reinow - When a larger jurisdiction usurps the authority of a lesser jurisdiction 2 things happen: 1) the crisis isn't solved and 2) the proper jurisdiction is robbed of motivation, time, and resources to do the job.

Dave Stone - Do you sleep in your home or live in your neighborhood?

Rob Morgan - There is not a single time in the gospels that parents came to Jesus and He didn't intervene.

Timothy Paul Jones - The story line of your ministry is too small if it ends with your ministry.  There is a much bigger story out there to be connected to, God's story.

(For those of you scoring at home, yes I missed a couple speakers.  Stomach issues ... nuff said.  Sorry if you're feeling let down, I'm sure they were good.)

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