Web Slinging 10.17.13

Here's a few of the posts I've benefited from this week of swinging around the web. Randy Alcorn had a post on the Eternal Perspectives site on giving as a way to fight materialism.  Here's a quote, "As long as I still have something, I believe I own it. But when I give it away, I relinquish the control, power, and prestige that come with wealth."

Jen Thorn (wife of Joe Thorn) has started her own blog recently and had a great post on things to pray over our kids.  Here's a quote, " ... here is something that we should never skip, praying over our children."

Jamie Page had a great post on outcomes of a Gospel-Centered Life.  To quote him, "The gospel is of first importance and, therefore, Christians need to live a life that demonstrates the truth of this."

Timothy Jones had a post on his blog about the priority of shepherd leaders.  He says, " You can’t be a shepherd–the very meaning of the word pastor!–without living among the sheep."


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