Tweets of the Week 10.15.13

Here is your weekly edition of tweets that got my attention:

Pastors, God's word never returns empty but always accomplishes precisely what God intends. We just have to preach it, God will do the rest.

Silence is not a bad thing when asking questions. Let them think through and wrestle w/ it. When they're ready 2 talk, they will. #stumin

Discipleship is learning how to apply ‘the gospel’ to a particular situation in a distinctive way.

Child-like faith > Adult-like faith

Who are you discipling? If you can't answer the question immediately, there's a good chance you're not making disciples.

God calls us into the city to love, to preach, to identify, and to bless

Maturing in the gospel is moving from trying to attain things from Jesus to applying the things we already posses in him.

Quotes on Prayer

D6 again?!?