D6 again?!?

This Wednesday morning I'm leaving the Chicagoland area and heading south to Louisville to attend the D6 conference ... again.  I went last year when it was in Dallas.  I'm going for a few reasons:

Continuing to be part of the conversation

How the church comes alongside families in the spiritual development of the next generation is an important conversation to be a part of.  How we do children's, youth, and family ministries has an impact on this conversation.  This conversation is a passion of mine as I've been involved in these ministries for years now.

Parents need to be encouraged and trained.  Children need to be encouraged to make faith their own and personal.  In order for either to occur, leaders need to lead.

Continuing to further the mission

Being part of the conversation is one thing, implementing it is another.  As my responsibilities at church have grown, so have my views of the mission of the church.  If the mission of the church is to make disciples, then this conversation matters.  How we make disciples within the walls of the church, within the family of faith is critical.

Continuing to build relationships

As if the first 2 points weren't enough, building relationships with like minded pastors and leaders is a bonus.  I'm looking forward to building on past relationships as well as making new ones.

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