Web Slinging 10.10.13

Here's what I've been reading and learning from the around the web. Dave Jenkins has a 2 posts on the CBMW blog on the power and dangers of pornography.  Here's a quote from the first, "I believe the only way to overcome an addiction to pornography is to recognize that it is idolatry, and as such, needs to be repented of." And here's a quote from the second post, "As we grow in our understanding, of the holiness of God, we will in turn grow in the grace of God by casting aside sexual immorality, along with its filthiness."  Dave is a friend and I appreciate his openness and honesty.

Aaron Armstrong blogged on the topic of sin over on his blog.  Here is the first line as a teaser, "If there’s one thing the Bible is super-clear on, it’s what we’re to do with sin: we’re to kill it."

(... a bit of trivia, Dave and Arron are friends ... I met them both through Chris Poblete ... but that's a story for another time ...)

Dale Hudson over on the Relevant Children's Magazine blog had a quick post listing ways to increase volunteer teamwork.

Hope these are helpful to you.

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