Here's what I've been reading around the web the week. Timothy Paul Jones had a post on his blog engaging in the battle for your child's soul.  It's a post based on a chapter from his book Family Ministry Field Guide.  Here's a quote, "This is war because—even as I train my child to take up her cross and root her identity in Jesus Christ—the surrounding culture calls her to celebrate immaturity, to smirk at sin, and to center her passions on pleasures that will slip away."  This is a great read, and reminder of the responsibility parents have.

Church planting resident here at Redeemer Fellowship Tom Schmidt had a post on why we pray.  Here is what he said, "The fact that God orders all things does not mean that we should not pray or that prayer is meaningless."

My friend Amy Dolan, over on her blog, Lemon Lime Kids,  had a post on the important link between service and community.  I'd give you a quote, but I don't want to ruin it for you.  Go check it out.

Justin Buzzard had a great post on his blog on the topic of discipling your kids.  Here's a quote, "The mission Jesus gave the church is the same mission we have as parents: make disciples."  Awesome stuff for you to check out.

Hope these are helpful!

Tweets of the Week 10.8.13

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