Web Slinging 9.26.13

Here are the blog posts that I've been reading this week: Relevant Children's Ministry had a list of lies Children's ministry leaders believe.  It's a list I can identify with.  Can you?

Over on Thom Rainer's blog he had a post (written by guest blogger Chuck Lawless) about commitments Bible study leaders make.  I think this applies more broadly,  to community group leaders, children's ministry teachers, etc.

Kidmin 360 had a post (by guest blogger Dr. Tim Elmore) about debts adults owe kids.  Here's a quote, "Greater than this debt (national debt), however, is a debt I believes adults owe the next generation." Check it out.

Jonathan Therelfall had a post on his blog taken from a lecture of Dr. Timothy Paul Jones on reasons it taking people longer to grow up.  Here's a great quote, "Dr. Jones suggests that churches should focus on moving young people toward mature Christian adulthood by re-envisioning the teenage years as a time of spiritual growth rather than as a time to indulge in trivial pursuits before burdened by the responsibilities of adult life."  Interesting stuff.

Tweets of the Week 10.1.13

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