Here's what I've been reading and studying via the web this week: The Huffington Post had a great post titled, "Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy". It's a great read and I believe it reaches beyond Gen Y.  The basis of the post has to do with their unrealistic and unfulfilled expectations.  Check it out.

Pastor Mark Driscoll had a great post over the Resurgence website about tips for teaching students.  The post is in response to  question he received from a young youth pastor.  If you're in student ministry it well worth your time.

Staying with the teaching theme, just moving it younger, Brian Dollar had a post on his site about keeping kids attention during teaching.  For those involved in children's ministry, these are helpful reminders.

And finally, my pastor Joe Thorn had a post on the Christward Collective site about the gospel and godliness.  Here's a quote, "I have been hearing of a kind of Christianity that (at least) sounds as if it is all heart and no muscle. As if the Christian life is one of all faith, and no works." It's worth your time.

What are you reading that I'm not? Leave a comment for me to check out.

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