Review: The Shepherd Leader at Home

Right from the bottom of the second paragraph of the introduction Timothy Witmer had me.  He says:

Many of the problems in the church, and in society at large, for that matter, can be traced to growing numbers of families that are like sheep without a shepherd.

(taken from the introduction of the kindle edition of The Shepherd Leader at Home by Timothy Z. Witmer ©2012 by Crossway)

From there Witmer works this book much like his other book, The Shepherd Leader (©2010 by P&R publishing), using the same 4 categories of knowing, leading, providing, and protecting.  This time he applies those categories to the home, not to the church.

I believe he writes this book to remind men that their PRIMARY ministry and responsibility is at home.  The author masterfully weaves his four categories through the 2 different relationships at home; first to the wife, then to the children.  He introduces the reader to concepts of:

  • presence
  • proximity
  • participation
  • direction
  • servant leadership
  • responsibility
  • accountability
  • soul nourishment
  • dependance
  • thankfulness
  • generosity
  • contentment
  • overwork
  • underwork
  • relating biblical truth to life
  • guarding hearts
  • authority
  • boundaries
  • consequences
  • restoration

Witmer ends the book with these quotes:

The union of two sinners in marriage is one of the most remarkable demonstrations of God's power and grace ..

Life is short.  The window of opportunity to nurture your children is a fleeting few years.  There is less time than you may think for providing loving care, instruction, and discipline, in hope that they will come to know the Lord and walk in his truth.

(quotes taken from the Afterward from the kindle edition of The Shepherd Leader at Home by Timothy Z. Witmer ©2012 by Crossway)

Men, cherish the wife of your youth.  Love her unconditionally, sacrificially serve her, and be concerned about her holiness.  Men, love your children.  Lead them by biblical principles lived out everyday, lead by your example, and lead them by seeking wisdom.

I would recommend this book to all men.  Men who desire to fulfill the role of both husband and father as they are laid out in Ephesians 5 & 6.  Men get this book!  Apply the principles of it to your marriage and family and see what amazing things God does with your obedience and faithfulness.

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