The 6 Stages of Repentance

In his book Redemption, Mike Wilkerson explains there are 6 stages to repentance:

  1. "Conviction.  You have to be convinced by the Holy Spirit working through God's Word that you are guilty of sin." (pg. 131)
  2. "Confession.  You must agree with God about your sin and mane it as he names it, specifically." (pg. 132)
  3. "Repentance. ... Repentance turns your whole heart - your whole person - to God in love, trust, and obedience instead of to idols. (pg. 133)"We may promise change; we may beg for another chance; we may even sustain a track record of improved behavior for a season, but we'll never know lasting change until we rip out the sin that's rooted in the deep idols of our heart.  In fact, it's not even enough to rip out the roots; something new must also be planted." (pg. 133, emphasis added)
  4. "Restitution. ... Restitution is about giving back what you've stolen from others by your sin." (pg. 134)
  5. "Reconciliation. ... Genuine repentance commits to the hard work of rebuilding relationships broken by sin.  Reconciliation take time, especially when trust has been shattered and wounds are deep." (pg. 134)
  6. "Rejoicing. ... Repentance is the step-by-step walking our of our redemption, the bit-by-bit turning our hearts from the corruption of idolatry to the sweetness and rest in treasuring God above all." (pg. 134)

(All quotes taken from Redemption by Mike Wilkerson ©2011 by Crossway)

In your repentance, do you move through all 6 stages?  I believe we all take repentance way too lightly and think we are done when we are not.  I know I do at times.

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