How the Gospel Works

In His book, The Pastor's Justification, Jared Wilson breaks down how the gospel works this way:

"The gospel will create it's glorious disorder among God's people according to movements of his Spirit. ... The gospel creates order, even as it stirs up a sort of disorder. ... The gospel well preached and applied will make ministry messy. ... The gospel stirs stuff up. ... The same gospel that exposes mess creates order. ... The gospel brings junk up and then sorts junk out. ... Only the Word of God brings real freedom." (Taken from the kindle edition of Chapter 7 The Pastor and the Bible in The Pastor's Justification by Jared Wilson ©2013 by Crossway)

I love this.  Being messy is ok.  Staying messy isn't. Through the gospel we find freedom.  These are words I needed to hear (and apply).  My hope is that they encourage you as well.

The 6 Stages of Repentance

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