Here are some of the blog posts I've been reading lately: Joe Thorn had a post about confession.  Here's a quote, " ... confession seems to have become something largely forgotten."

R.D. McClenagan had a post on Gospel Centered Discipleship about lessons learned as a rookie pastor.  He says, "My first year of pastoral ministry was like being dropped into a battlefield that I’d only read about. Yet, there I was, in the midst of the destruction of sin and the brutality of a world following the enemy, trying to discern what it actually looked like to be in the trenches, pastoring the people of God. It was terrifying."

Timmy Brister had a great post about how to truly get to the gospel. To quote him, "We simply cannot cut off the gospel’s power from the very places it intends to work – ongoing life-transformation."

Kenny Conley started a series of posts about how sometimes in ministry we suck.  Here are parts 1 & 2.  He says in the first post, "Sometimes you suck and that’s okay. What isn’t okay is not owning it."

What are you reading online?  What am I missing?  Feel free to leave a comment.

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