Tweets of the Week 9.4.13

Here (again) is the my list of the top 7 tweets I've seen in the last week:

Jesus, inform my mind with your truth; enflame my heart with your beauty; engage my hands with your kingdom. Amen

By touching the leper, Jesus superseded the Law. By cleansing him, He fulfilled it. By sending him to the priest, He followed it. Bam!

The ministry that happens in your home throughout the week so empowers the ministry that will take place in the church this weekend.

Conviction leads to new identity in Christ. Condemnation leads to old identity in sin.

Discipleship is truth and love transferred through relationship.

Good leaders persuade, they don't manipulate. #GoodLeaders

Dumbing it down builds nobody up. Simple ≠ simplistic.

Discipling is Disciplining

A Little Help Here!?!