Tweets of the Week 8.27.13

Here are the tweets that I happened to read that caught my attention this last week:

Good leaders persuade, they don't manipulate. #GoodLeaders

Parents, it doesn't matter if we write the Scriptures on the walls of our houses if we're not writing them on the walls of our lives.

When the goal is growth feedback is a friend.

Suffering clarifies our true joy.

Refined pastors are made in the fiery furnace of suffering and affliction. #sanctification

Days always go better when I act based on who I am in Christ, rather than by how I feel in the situation. Wish those days came more often.

American Christians have so been shaped by the cultural values of comfort, convenience, and control, they expect the same from church.

Review: Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling

Web Slinging 8.26.13