Web Slinging 8.26.13

Here are some of the blog post that I've been reading this past week and have found both helpful and thoughtful: Craig Jutila had a post on the importance of wisdom.  Here's a quote, "Common leaders often stop with information where uncommon leaders make the transition to wisdom."

Tim Challies had a great post on the importance of prayer with our kids. He says, "We learn to pray by hearing other people’s prayers."

Michael Bayne had a post about common mistakes made by Family Pastors.  I would contend that this list could be done by a Pastor of any ministry.  To quote him, "Every mistake I made is just a chance for me to help another leader avoid that same trap so why not share what I have learned."

Amy Dolan had a great post about the differences between excellence, simplicity, and complications.  She says, "for me, excellence = simplicity."

What have you been reading online lately?  What have I missed?

Tweets of the Week 8.27.13

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