The problem with Boredom

It’s been in the news the past couple of days, both national and local.  We see it all the time on social media. I hear it at home on a pretty regular basis.  It's one of the main driving forces behind the entertainment industry.  People, usually kids, saying "I was bored!" They use this excuse to explain bad decisions and bad behavior. How do we combat this?  How do we protect ourselves from it?

We choose to be bored.

It’s not that there’s nothing to do at all, it’s that there is nothing fun to do.  Our entertainment, consumeristic culture drives us to top our last fun experience.  That’s why we buy the newest toys; we are trying to top our last fun “high”.

A better choice

We forget we’ve been made for something better; work. Back in Genesis the first thing God gave Adam was a job.  It was only after the fall that work became hard (and therefore undesirable).

Work isn’t bad, even if it’s hard, but it is necessary.

Reasons work is necessary:

  1. Work gives us something to do.  When we don’t have something to do, we are more likely to give in to sin.
  2. Work helps us see what we value.  Are we valuing fun and entertainment (“all about me”) or do we value something bigger, something eternal?
  3. Work reminds us of the value of others.  There aren’t too many jobs out there that don’t effect at least one other person.  We can show love and compassion through our hard work.
  4. Work helps us mature by exposing the idols in our lives.

Work is often hard, sometimes painful (physically and emotionally), but supremely worth it.  The payoff is MATURITY; being able to handle responsibilities, understand consequences, while maintaining a healthy, balanced life.

Ultimate joy is not found in fun and entertainment, which aren't bad in and of themselves.  They can be blessings.  They can also be idols.  True joy is found in following Christ.  Jesus came to serve, not to be served (Mark 10:45).  Through this he showed the world the extent of his love ("gave his life as ransom for many").  He calls us to that same kind of self-sacrificing love.  To look at others as more important than our own selves (Philippians 2:3-8).

Are you living that out?  Do others see that kind of joy in you?

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