Tweets of the Week 8.20.13

Here are some of the latest tweets that caught my attention:

Your sin against me does not make my sinful response to your sin not sinful

Because the gospel is true, we're destined 4 life in a perfect world w/ perfect relationships. That hope fuels ministry

Your job is not to prove the gospel is true. That's the Spirit's job. Your job is to proclaim it and live a life that points to it

Legalism always looks for loopholes. Grace always stirs desire for obedience. The opposite of what we'd expect.

Excellent leaders are learners, readers and writers

Your children are the greatest gift God will give you, and their souls the heaviest responsibility he will place in your hands!

God doesn't call everyone to do everything. But He does call everyone to do something.

The problem with Boredom

The "Secret Sauce" of Bible Study