Web Slinging 8.15.13

Here are some of the posts I've been reading this past week. Ed Stetzer had a post on Christianity Today about the wrong ways to view discipleship.  Here's a quote, " ... discipleship has fallen on hard times in many churches in the west ... I would go so far as to say that our discipleship model is broken."

Seth McBee had a post on Gospel Centered Discipleship about ways to not multiply.  And I quote, "A healthy family doesn’t stay a close family unit forever, living in the same house with no expectations of the child leaving the house. We train them up, we teach them, and we disciple them so that when they reach a certain age they are then sent out to start their own life, their own family."

David Kraft had a post on his blog about identifying leaders.  Here's a quote, "If you wait until the perfect person shows up before you share leadership, you may well be leading by yourself and eventually burn yourself out."

What blogs are you reading that I'm not?  Leave a comment about what you've found helpful.


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