Around Twitter 7.30.13

Here we go:

The best things I've learned re: ministry haven't come from prof' "consultants" or costly seminars, but from other pastors getting it done.

Those who cherish Christ first of all know how desperate they are for him & how sufficient he is for their need

Sovereignty is no excuse for lazy witness, free will is no excuse for manipulation.

Most knew Saul as terrorist. God knew him as apostle. Some knew David as shepherd. God knew him as king. How does God see u? How do u see u?

Following your heart is not always a good thing. Often it is the most dangerous thing you can do. The heart is deceitful.

God calls, God breaks, God redeems, God uses...over and over and over

The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. God is not indifferent to his people.

Book Review: Real by Daniel Darling

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