Raising Gospel Kids

I'm almost done with Daniel Darling's book Real: Owning Your Christian Faith, which I'll give a full review to upon completion.  I had to stop and share this quote for those struggling with the faith of their kids:

We have no ironclad guarantee that our children will embrace Jesus.  This is a personal choice they must make; it a work only the Spirit can produce.  But we do our part when we strip away our junk from the heart of the gospel message.  Because this is the only message that saves. (taken from Real: Owning Your Christian Faith Chapter 11 Chocolate Faith by Daniel Darling kindle edition. ©2012 by New Hope Publishers)

Sometimes we get in the way.  But if we faithfully share the message, live it out with passion, and bathe them in prayer, our kids have a much better chance of hearing the message and responding in faith.

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